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Help Build it in Birmingham

If you have been in Birmingham for a long time like me, over 10 years now, you have witnessed a lot of exciting changes in all aspects of our city and region.  Not only has Birmingham become a better place to live and raise a family thanks to all the new restaurants, shopping, arts, and entertainment options, it is becoming a great place to work.

Innovation Depot has over 93 companies located there, most of them are early stage start-ups chasing the next big thing.  Organizations like the BBA and REV Birmingham are focused on improving the quality of life for businessess and the people who start and work in those businesses downtown.  Alabama Launchpad is working hard to identify early stage companies that could become high growth job creating companies with a little help, both money and resources.  The postive impact of these efforts is becoming clearer every day.  Just read the headlines.

There is A LOT going on.  TechBirmingham has been part of what has been going on since it’s inception in 2002.  Working together with technology companies in our region, we want to be more than a part of it, we want to help drive the future.  We are asking for your support, both through membership and sponsorship, but also with your time and talents.  Our neighboring cities have successful tech councils that are credited with helping companies grow, but more importantly, creating a central place for the tech community to identify, be identified, connect, and come together to make their city a better place.

Better means more jobs, better means people want to work and live there, start companies there, and people come back to work, live, and start companies. TechBirmingham is working hard to continue to make Birmingham a better place.  We can do it, but we need your help. If you are part of the tech community, come be part of the TechBirmingham community.  Please join today.

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