#TechTuesday Recap: Tools for Managing a Distributed Team

March 27, 2015 | no comments

The modern day office is being redefined daily. Slowly but surely we’re saying goodbye to white walls and cubicles and saying hello to the concept of a distributed team. These days, all you need is a functioning computer with a solid internet connection to make working for your dream job from your dream location a reality.

At this month’s Tech Tuesday, Fleetio Founder + CEO Tony Summerville took some time to tell us about just how he makes the modern day office work for his team. The secret to his company’s success? Taking advantage of all the tech tools at their disposal.


From communication tools like Slack and Hipchat to HR essentials like Zenefits and Zenpayroll, the crew at Fleetio relies on dozens of apps and sites to keep their distributed team well-managed and keep their company growing.


Remote culture is where the workplace is headed, but some companies are hesistant to embrace it. Here’s why Tony says you should:

1. Remote culture provides a larger talent pool

2. It makes businesses more scaleable

3. Contributes to better productivity

4. And it makes happier employees!

The up and coming workforce was born in the internet age, and location doesn’t matter to them any longer. What matters is a well-run business who knows what they are doing, where they are going and how they’re going to get there.

Check out more of Tony’s talk here. And don’t forget to follow him online @summerville.

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