Meet our member company- KnowCyber with Nick Schacht

June 6, 2017 | no comments

Tech Birmingham is proud to announce the new community member, KnowCyber, LLC. Today we are featuring the company’s CEO, Nick Schacht. KnowCyber strives to create more knowledge about cybersecurity in communities around the country to empower companies with the tools they need to maintain their cyber safety.


We are so glad you joined the TechBirmingham Community Nick! Tell us about your company KnowCyber.

KnowCyber™ improves the cybersecurity of companies, government organizations, and educational institutions through learning.

What do you think is the biggest challenge in your industry?
Increasing overall cybersecurity awareness and understanding of how cybersecurity is a key element of overall risk management.

What is the most exciting trend you see in the Birmingham Tech Scene?
The vibrant and growing enthusiasm of the Birmingham technical community.

How do you see the Birmingham Tech Scene evolving?
Continuing emphasis on globalization and technology.

What exciting news or product/service announcements does your company have on the horizon?
We will be presenting, with Auburn University, “Building the Cybersecure Organization” at the Grand Bohemian Hotel Mountain Brook June 27-28, 2017. In addition to building the knowledge and skills of IT leaders, our SmartCyber Leadership program with Auburn is aimed at preparing business and operational leaders to take a more active, informed role in how their organizations address and mitigate cyber risk.

What kind of impact do you want to make with your involvement in TechBirmingham?
KnowCyber is interested in educating TechBirmingham members how to strengthen their cybersecurity posture and competence.

What advice would you give to a person starting out in your industry or in the work force?
People always need to learn in order to grow; at any given point in time there are critical areas of growth with talent vacuums. Find one or more of those, and work to understand how learning can help meet that need.

Where can we find your company online?

And where can we find you online?

Tech Birmingham is proud to be partnering with KnowCyber and Auburn University’s Office of Professional and Continuing Education to present the “Building the Cybersecure Organization” educational and networking conference June 27-28. This conference will benefit any leader, in any capacity, in a critical infrastructure. Participants will emerge knowing more on how vulnerable your company is to cyber attack, how to move forward with your company’s cyber security investments, how to formulate a plan that will ensure optimal cyber security, and how to respond in the event of an attack. Attendees will hear from cyber experts from around the country, as well as engage in Q&A sessions that will help you and your peers eliminate any uncertainties. Multiple meals and an opening reception will provide networking opportunities in a relaxed environment. This event will take place at the Grand Bohemian Hotel in Mountain Brook, AL June 27th – June 28th, 2017. Click on the link below to learn more and register. Contact us at for a registration discount.

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