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June 17, 2016 | no comments

TechBirmingham thrives through its immensely talented and diverse group of member companies. Meet our Member Companies is an ongoing Q&A series highlighting this group of movers, shakers and makers in B’ham’s tech industry.

Meet Janna Bradt, Talent Marketing Manager at Daxko. Janna is a Birmingham native. Read on to learn more about Daxko and the great things they are doing in Birmingham and beyond.

Hi Janna! Let’s get started — Tell us more about Daxko and your typical day.

Daxko provides mission-critical software and services to member-based organizations to help them do more with less, grow their constituency, drive involvement, and remain relevant in their community. Daxko is a multi-year award winner for Great Places to Work, and has 200 team members across the Southeast.

In my role as Talent Marketing Manager, I am responsible for communicating the value of Daxko’s culture to team members, candidates, the local community, and the software industry. As the marketing extension of the Daxko People Team, I work closely with our Talent Acquisition Specialist and the rest of the People Team to attract talent and to engage current team members.

What do you think is the biggest misconception about your industry?

Two come to mind: 1) that job opportunities in tech are only centered around bigger cities (Birmingham is a well-kept secret!) and 2) that you have to know how to code to work for a tech company. Of course tech companies need developers and engineers, but these companies also need trainers, consultants, sales representatives, etc.

I’ve held many roles at Daxko since I started in 2012, including that of Software Trainer, which was one of my most-enjoyed roles. As a trainer, I was able to travel around the country teaching Daxko’s customers how to use our software. Now that I work in Marketing, my focus is engaging the talent we currently have at Daxko as well as assisting our recruiters in attracting talent.

How do you feel about B’ham’s tech scene?

Birmingham’s tech scene is on the rise, and I’m proud to say that Daxko has helped contribute to that buzz. Several Daxko alumni have gone on to start their own tech companies in Birmingham (shoutout to Fleetio and Airship!) The growing tech community is great for Daxko because we are able to provide rewarding careers to more team members. And as the tech scene grows, it makes my role in helping our recruiters more exciting, because it means Birmingham is attracting more tech talent.

What exciting news or product/service announcements does your company have on the horizon?

We have several exciting announcements on the horizon for the next few months that will excite our customers, but we can’t spill the beans quite yet. Check in the near future for updates!

Anything else you’d like to share?

You can get a taste of Daxko’s vibrant company culture via our Culture Blog, which consists of posts contributed by Daxko team members:

Thanks so much for sharing, Janna! 

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