Diversity in Cybersecurity

March 21, 2018 | no comments

In just a few short weeks, we will have the privilege of hearing from Tina Meeker and Sadik Al-Abdulla, two internationally known speakers in the cybersecurity industry at the Alabama Cyber Now Conference (ACN). Tina Meeker, Owner and Principal of Beacon Information Security, LLC, will be speaking on how to avoid hiring your doppelganger–someone who is just like you.

Many of us have a tendency to hire people with whom we resonate with and find similar to ourselves. Unfortunately, this similarity seeking attitude can hinder our success. Meeker understands the benefit of encouraging diversity in one’s business. As a woman, she had to make her way through an industry where women were not represented, particularly in senior roles.

Women aren’t the only minority groups underrepresented in the cybersecurity sector. A study performed by (ISC)2 and The Center For Cyber Safety and Education found that even though minority representation is higher than the national average in the cybersecurity sector, minorities have a lower representation in the senior level roles in cybersecurity companies. A recent article from We Live Security suggested that this isn’t just a fairness problem; it’s a problem that could lead to gaps in our security measures. With a lack of minority representation comes a lack of perspective, and these diverse perspectives are exactly what’s needed to keep our cyber networks safe.

Many of us may recognize that it’s time to diversify our staff, but doing so is a process. As a keynote speaker, Meeker will spend time leading the Alabama Cyber Now attendees through strategies to make this process a positive one. In addition to hearing this valuable information from Meeker, the ACN conference will provide you with the opportunity to attend four 1/2-Day Training Sessions on Securing Microsoft 365, Splunk, Weaponizing Your Job Search, and Technology Transition to Practice (TTP) for the NSF SATC program. These training sessions along with over 20 breakout session choices, over 45 vendors, and prime networking opportunities, will make for a conference that will be worth attending.

Meeker and Al-Abdulla recognize that now is the time to focus your efforts on cybersecurity for your business. The 2018 Alabama Cyber Now Conference will be the perfect opportunity to grow your knowledge on the subject and ultimately help to create a safer cyberspace for you to continue doing great things. Be sure to register now and secure your spot at this premier event.

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